Hello, I am a gun hobbyist who enjoys recreational shooting either at the range or out in the woods. I never owned anything beyond a pellet gun before, but a good friend of mine was a gun enthusiast and so I got to talking to him about it. I then found out there is a whole world of reasonable, liberal people who also like guns and realized you didn’t need to be a stereotypical hardcore, conservative, gun-nut to enjoy guns. After some serious soul-searching, I bought my first handgun (a Glock 43X) in February 2020. Since then took I’ve taken an in-person class, as well as online class, and got my concealed carry permit. I’ve taken a handgun safety 101 class and am currently scheduled for the 102 class next year.

I live in Portland, and voted for Biden and as well Kate Brown. (Although I tell my wife it was a less a vote for Biden than it was a vote for Kamala.) I am pro-choice, pro-environment, pro-LGBT, and pro-gun.