Gun ownership is a hobby enjoyed by millions of Oregonians and people across this country. Like many hobbies, if done carelessly, irresponsibly, or criminally it could result in the death of one to many people. I hope to point out how gun control legislation does not help with criminal gun violence, only creates barriers for law-abiding citizens.

Specifically, IP17 and IP18, which are proposed for the 2022 ballot, have some glaring restrictions which could prevent their passage by both liberal and conservative voters. The past two years have had a record surge in gun purchases, many of them first-time gun owners. Many, if not the majority, of these new gun owners are liberal or left-leaning moderates. Some of the new regulations in IP17 and IP18 will force a lot of these voters to vote against it, where they might have voted for it if it wasn’t so restrictive.

IP17, in its current form, will not get my vote. However, I would most likely sign the petition, and indeed even vote for it if it simply excepted concealed-carry permit holders from a) having to get the (redundant) gun purchase permit, and b) be exempted from the magazine limit ban.

I hope to objectively and concisely explain my position on this in the hopes of furthering the reduction/prevention of gun-violence while still allowing law-abiding, responsible citizens their right to protect themselves and enjoy their hobby.